Intensive week

In an intensive week, managers, employees aged 50 and over, and interested parties complete a guided work assignment in one of the social institutions in our partner network. Participants work actively for five days at a time, e.g. in an addiction clinic, a workshop for the disabled or a nursing home.

The assignment is structured, target-oriented and accompanied by an experienced specialist. With the help of an evaluation, participants can apply the instruments developed and the goals achieved to their everyday working lives.

SeitenWechsel is individually tailored: social institutions adapt their subject matter to the needs, objectives and availability of the person involved in the role exchange. Assignments are available at any time, all over Switzerland and throughout the year.


The goals of an intensive week are personality building and the development of new skills in the areas of self-management and employee leadership: conflict management, dealing with scarce resources, communication and leadership without financial incentives.


In a first step, at a kick-off meeting held within the company, participants select an institution and arrange the dates of their assignment with the person(s) in charge. In the second part, during the week itself, participants work in the social institution, actively assist with leadership decisions and take part in discussions with clients and patients. They set themselves goals and have an introductory and debriefing session with their supervisor. The third part is a two-hour evaluation workshop moderated by SeitenWechsel, which takes place within the company. Participants reflect on their experiences and goals and integrate them effectively into their everyday management role.

Target group

  • Managerial staff of any age from business and administration.
  • Employees aged 50 or more
  • People on sabbaticals
  • Interested parties

To date, about 3800 executives from business and administration have benefited from a role exchange.

Social institutions

Participants can choose from around 100 social institutions throughout Switzerland and in three national languages: boarding schools and hostels, homes and workplaces for people with disabilities, psychiatric clinics, centres for asylum seekers, street kitchens and addiction clinics, and, occasionally, prisons. The institutions have been carefully selected and prepared. The constant exchange and long-term cooperation with the people in charge are a guarantee for quality. The exchange of experience with the private sector also enriches the institutions.


SeitenWechsel intensive week: 2500 Swiss francs (incl. a contribution to the social institution, VAT-free).


If you are interested in a role exchange, send a mail to or give us a call on 044 241 77 44. Assignments are available at any time, all over Switzerland and throughout the year.